Bebe Rexha's New Song 'I'm a Mess' Adding '90s Hit 'Bitch' Songwriters to Credits

18 June 2018

Songwriter Shelly Peiken, who co-wrote the song "Bitch" with performer Meredith Brooks, shared via Instagram on Friday -- which coincidentally was her birthday -- that "I'm a Mess" writers Justin TrantnerJussifer and Devon Corey decided to give her co-writing credit on the track, feeling that it interpolated the hook of "Bitch." 

The similarities are apparent but not totally overwhelming. Whereas "Bitch" goes, "I'm a bitch, I'm a lover/I'm a child, I'm a mother/I'm a sinner, I'm a saint," in a similar phrasing "I'm a Mess" goes, "I'm a mess, I'm a loser/I'm a hater, I'm a user/I'm a mess for your love it ain't you."  

Tranter and his co-writers decided to make the connection official and cheerily so, as the hitmaker commented on Peiken's post, "Yippeeeeeee!!! Xoxoxoxoxo." He then explained how the credit came to be.

“Writing with BeBe was such an inspiring organic experience," Tranter tells Billboard. "As she was talking about her life the song just poured out. It was one of those magic moments that as songwriters you dream of. Weeks later as we listened back and heard similarities in our chorus to the '90s alt pop masterpiece 'Bitch,' so we of course wanted to do the right thing and reach out to the writers and include them. I’m so glad Shelly and Meredith are happy with our song and the outcome because we have so much respect for them.”

Listen to both songs below. 


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